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My name is Nur Farhana binti Rosulan and I am 22 years old. I was born at Hospital Kuala Lumpur on 11 August 1995. I have four siblings and I am the third one out of four. I am a bachelor's degree student. My major is Instructional Communication and Training (CIT). I love express my thought through blog. I find that this is a great platform for me to express it. Also, I use blog to connect with people who has the same interest on miniature as me.


I love anything that is small in size. I find that they are cute and convenient. My love towards miniature are beyond the sky because everytime I see something tiny, I will definetly buy it despite how expensive it is. Because of that, my collections increase and increase without I realized it. Which I guess is good because I am a collector :p However, some of my family members and friends always say that my hobby cost me a lot that I tend to waste my money so easily and those things are not worth it because of their sizes. Well, everyone has their own way in expressing their hobby, so do I.

Nothing can stop me from buying those cute tiny things because collecting it is my hobby. For this blog, I divided some of the collections into several categories and all of it are travel friendly. I decided to show and tell people about this kind of collection because it might be helpful for them to buy and use it in their daily life.

Miniature Edible Sandwich Bread