This is collection number one which I categorized it as skincare product. Reason why I made this as collection number one because I love skincare products and I tend to breakout so easily thus I need to bring small facial cleanser when I travel. I own many different line of skincare products and see them in tiny sizes makes me more happy. It is so annoying and disturbing because I need to bring the big one and none of my facial cleansers are travel friendly. So I decided to try any skincare that are mini in size so it is easy for me to bring it when I travel.

At first, I did not want to try anything else besides my Safi facial cleanser because like I said before, I tend to breakout so easily therefore I avoid having different skincare brands as my skincare travel tools. However, after realized how easy and convenient it is in tiny sizes, I always buy it in that size. Of course, I have to buy products that suitable for my skin so this collection is the products that suits me very well. If any of these products are about to finish, I always replace it with my Safi products but using the original packaging. Yes, recyle the packaging/bottle.

It took me more than a year to have this tiny collection because I have to try and error everything that I buy. Safi's products is suitable for my combination skin, so to have one of it in this collection makes me even more happy. All of the products in this collection were bought at Guardian and Watsons. The price range was between RM10-RM30. Small and convenient but not that pricey which is good!!!