This is my collection number two. I categorized this as a toiletries collection which include body wash, toothpaste, hairspray, my favorite deodarant and many more. This collection can be seen on the picture below. Why those toiletries have to be in tiny sizes? It is because I love travelling so I need a set of toiletries which is very convenient and easy to travel with. Therefore, I decided to have tiny toiletries. I have this collection packed in my toiletries bag so it is always ready whenever I want to travel. I only have to grab it and go.

Sometimes, I forget to bring certain of the collection so I will stop by at Seven Eleven to buy anything that I forget to bring. I never shop at any convenient stores besides Seven Eleven. Seven Eleven is the only retail shop that I will go and buy the tiny products because it sells many tiny products which one of it is toiletries also Seven Eleven can be found easily and opens 24hours.

I need tiny collection on this kind of products because it is very disturbing and irritating to travel with huge products. Huge products take lots of space in my travel bag. Unlike tiny products, the spaces left can be loaded with anything else like food hahaha. All of these products were bought at Seven Eleven, Guardian and Watsons. The price range was between RM15-RM40. For me it is still not that pricey even though all of it are small. Small but convenient so who cares about the price!!!